Before completing the registration and application processes, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria listed below. Households under the same lease are only permitted to submit one application. Duplicate application attempts will be denied and may cause delays in determining your household's eligibility for assistance or be considered as fraud.
Eligibility and Requirements
Renter households must have an income no more than 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI) AND one or more members of the household must have either:
  • qualified for unemployment benefits, OR
  • provide proof that due to COVID-19 they:
    • experienced a reduction in income,
    • incurred significant costs, or
    • experienced other financial hardship.
AND one or more individuals within the household must demonstrate they:
  • are at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability, which may include a past due utility/rent notice or eviction notice, OR
  • live in unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions.
Additional qualification criteria include:
  • You must be a City of Austin Full Purpose Jurisdiction renter, without any homeownership interest in the property on the application. The address on your application must be your primary residence. Click the map here and locate your address if you are unsure if you reside in the Jurisdiction.
  • You must be responsible for paying your own rent, and it cannot be paid by someone outside of the household.
  • Currently be on a lease or in a contractually bound rental relationship.
Information to Gather Before Submitting Your Application
  • Ask your landlord if they have registered for a landlord account at and have a Referral Code. If they have not, encourage them to register. If they have, include the Referral Code in your application. This will speed up eligibility processing, but it is not required for you to submit your application.
  • Your email address (to create an email account, go to or, and phone number;
  • The following information for each household member:
    • Full name, date of birth, gender, race, ethnicity, relationship to the head of household, social security number, alien registration number, individual taxpayer identification number (if present);
  • The household's current address and mailing address;
  • Each household member's current gross monthly income (before taxes or deductions are taken out) and the types of income;
  • Your landlord's name, email address, and phone number;
  • If you'd like the RENT Program to refer you to a utility assistance program, gather information about your utility needs including your utility provider, account numbers, and any utility amounts due in arrears. If eligible, your information will be passed to a partnering utility assistance program to see if you qualify for utility assistance.
Renter Documentation
Documentation is not required at the time of application submission. However, if you claim that a member of your household received unemployment benefits for the 90 consecutive dates immediately prior to your application submission, you will need to submit this documentation immediately following application submission to be considered for the preference.

You will be contacted with information on how to submit this documentation if your application is selected for eligibility review; however, it may be helpful to start gathering your documents.

Please refer to the FAQs for more information.